Beatriz Corrales at the Thomas Uber Cup 2016 (Credit: Badminton Photo)
"I am finally playing well again"
Date: 6/13/2019 10:23 AM
Published by : Annika Langrock
From 24-30 June, badminton will get underway at the European Games 2019 in Minsk. With Carolina Marin not being able to participate, Beatriz Corrales is Spain’s hope for a medal in the Women’s Singles.

Since 2006, Beatriz Corrales is a member of the Spanish national team. Representing her country, the 26-year old has already competed at international tournaments all around the world. In 2018, she has won a silver medal at the Mediterranean Games; her first multi-sports event.

Seeded number six, Corrales has qualified for this year’s Women’s Singles competition at the European Games. If she reaches one of the first two spots in her group, she will be playing in the knock-out stage of the Continental Championship in Belarus. 

Find the group of Beatriz Corrales at the European Games 2019 here. 

Speaking to Badminton Europe, Corrales has revealed her ambitions and goals for the biggest multi-sports event in Europe this year. 

Beatriz, what do you expect from your first European Games?

Corrales: It will be a great event. It is not like the tournaments I use to play during the season. However, there are a lot of expectations from the people around us and the ones that are supporting us in our country or many other places. At the European Games, we can give something back to them by showing good fights on court that they can watch and enjoy.

What do you expect from the atmosphere in Minsk?

Corrales: I have never played at the European Games before, so I do not know yet. It is probably going to be amazing. I am looking forward to enjoying the atmosphere while doing what I love to do; playing badminton.

You have recently been injured. What is your goal for the European Games?

Corrales: I want to show my best performance. After the last months suffering and being injured, I did not have the best feeling on and off court. Now, I am finally playing well again, without any pain. I can practise the whole week, which means a lot for me and my team. 

With Carolina Marin not being able to go to Minsk, you are Spain’s hope to win a medal in the Women’s Singles. Doesn’t this pressure you?

Corrales: The best way to achieve the game level for the medal fight is to start focusing on my game. I will do that step by step and opponent by opponent. I am not looking towards the last stages of the tournament; I have to take every match from day to day.  

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