The Stoeva Sisters (Stefani and Gabriela Stoeva) Credit: Badminton Photo
Super Stoevas
Date: 3/8/2019 11:49 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Despite a performance that would win any other match, the Stoeva Sisters have exited the YONEX All England after the quarter finals.

Stefani and Gabriela Stoeva were not expected to even give their Japanese opponents Yuki Fukushima Sayaka Hirota a match but they proved everyone wrong despite losing over three games.

A thrilling display

The first game was very much a comfortable win for the  Stoevas, winning 21-17 after a confidence boost midway through the game.

In the second, Hirota and Fukushima started to find rhythm and eventually started to challenge the Bulgarian sisters, with their experience and ability.

The third was expected to be a walkover for the Japanese but the the Stoevas were not willing to let that happen, and despite Hirota and Fukushima marginly staying in front throughout, they stayed just one point behind for the majority.

Despite that, the Japanese managed to take the match over three games with the result overall, 17-21 21-15 21-19.

- We will be back

With the ambitions of the quarter finals, the Bulgarian Women’s Doubles are going to the Swiss Open with confidence after impressing so many people in Birmingham.

Stefani Stoeva, speaking after the match suggested that they will not stop where they are and will continue to improve.

- We have improved a lot. Of course, we are disappointed because we have had our chances but we wanted to reach the quarter finals and we have done that, Stefani Stoeva said.

- We will be back next year to hopefully win more matches, and I think we will learn a lot after this crazy match today, Gabriela Stoeva added.

- Our targets are becoming higher now so we will work on this match and look to improve again, next year will be even more good, Stefani Stoeva stated.

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