Chloe and Sam Magee hitting at the Malaysia Masters 2019 (Photo: Badminton Photo)
- It is nice that we are representing the flag
Date: 2/8/2019 8:52 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Ireland are the underdogs going into the European Mixed Team Championships next week, but this might be a good thing, according to Chloe Magee. 

The Group 7 winners of the qualifications stage in Bulgaria are preparing to play against world-class talents in Copenhagen. Chloe Magee, speaking to Badminton Europe, believes it is a good thing that Ireland are the underdogs.

Ireland has a tight-knit group of seven players and will go to Denmark and give it everything that they have.

All together now

Chloe Magee who plays with her brother Sam Magee believes that being part of a team is going to be a good experience. 

The current Irish Open Champion is looking forward to travelling to Copenhagen as a team.

- It is really nice that we are able to play for the flag and represent the country as a whole group, Chloe Magee said.

- It is a really good feeling, and nice that every so often we get to do this and perform in a team event, she added.

New coach: "The best ever coach for Scotland"

The team has just changed to a new head coach, the experienced Yvette Yun Luo, who stepped down from her role for Scotland in 2015. “The best ever coach for Scotland” has also worked with Badminton England in the past. 

- We have just got a new coach, so it has been a different style of training over the past few weeks, but we are just looking forward to getting over there now and putting in the final preparations, Magee said. 

Playing against world-class professionals

Despite the challenge that Ireland will face, Chloe Magee is confident that her team will put in maximum effort.

- It is going to be a tough tournament for us, we have three very tough matches. It does not matter what players the countries we are playing against put out, they are all quality players, Magee said.

- They have big squads and train at top of the range high-performance centres each day, so it is going to be difficult. But we will just go out there to give everything that we have got, she continued.

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