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Approved: New collective national agreement
Date: 1/28/2019 2:03 PM
Published by : Badminton Denmark press release
Badminton Denmark and the elite badminton players have succeeded in entering into a new collective national team agreement for the next six years.

In the first instance, this means that all national team players are available for the national team, which will represent Denmark for the European Championship for Mixed teams in February.
It is with great pleasure that today we have completed a difficult period for Danish badminton, Badminton Denmark's director, Bo Jensen, said.

With the new collective national team agreement with the elite badminton players, it is time to look forward together and create a breeding ground for Danish badminton's continued development.
- It has been a tough and tedious time for all of us, and therefore I am really happy that we have reached a new collective national team agreement.

- The new national team agreement creates the clarity and uniqueness we have sought in relation to the parties' rights and obligations towards each other, not least in relation to the use of our respective rights, he added.

- The agreement creates a clear framework for the cooperation so that in Danish badminton we can continue to provide the players with safe and stable conditions for their game development so that we can secure medals for Denmark in the future.

- We are now looking forward to resuming our cooperation and seeing the players again at the National Elite Training Center. I would also like to thank DIF, FH (formerly LO) and in particular, Martin Juul Christensen for leading the negotiations for the past 14 days.
An agreement has been reached on all the main features of the new collective national team agreement, where only the framework conditions for the players' participation, rights and obligations in the elite program at the National Elite Training Center are determined.
This means, among other things:
  • The agreement text is made clearer and easier to understand so that misunderstandings of the agreement can be avoided and that there are better opportunities to increase Badminton Denmark's commercial income through national team sponsorships, all of which go directly or indirectly to the elite players and the development of the elite program.

  • As before, players have the opportunity to set up their own sponsors for individual championships.

  • The agreement is 6-year-old and non-callable for two years and with longer notice periods and negotiation periods, which has been a wish of the players.

  • Sports development and performance creation have the highest priority in the elite program, but at the same time, Badminton Denmark recognizes that the players who so far must have the opportunity to handle their individual commercial activities within the framework of the elite program.
Since the new collective national team agreement only sets the overall framework conditions, individual agreements between Badminton Denmark and the players regarding their personal terms in the elite program will still have to be concluded, including:
  • Award of tournament support
  • Access to Team Denmark's services and specialists
  • Support for education, medical and social conditions
  • Training and team combat commitments in the players' club
  • Definition of development and performance goals
  • A training and tournament plan for a minimum of six months with the head coach, which must be approved by the sporting management team in relation to the players' medal potential or for young players - their long-term development.
Since January 14, Martin Juul Christensen, lawyer at FH, has served as a new negotiating broker, and since then new negotiations have been conducted on a collective agreement between the players and Badminton Denmark.
This has meant that work has been done constructively with a solution where the players form their own Badminton player association.

Furthermore, a co-operation committee has been set up consisting of at least two player representatives and two representatives of Badminton Denmark.
DEF-Sport is not a contractual partner in the new collective agreement, and in the future, the organization will receive a more impartial advisory role for the players, as the players may wish to do so.
Should it happen that disputes or disagreements arise between the parties in the future, FH and DIF will act as mediators if the disagreement cannot be resolved amicably through dialogue and the cooperation committee.
The new collective national team agreement comes into force immediately. This means that the elite badminton players can start at the National Elite Training Center in Brøndby on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, and be selected for the prominent European Championship for mixed teams at Frederiksberg from 13-17. February.
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