Photo: Gherardo Boffi
Norway beats Israel and will play final tomorrow
Date: 12/8/2018 5:49 PM
Published by : Tamara Geeraerts (BEC)
Subgroup 2: Norway – Israel 4-1

Today Norway was clearly stronger than Israel and wins Subgroup 2. They will play the final against Ireland tomorrow trying to earn a spot at the final stage in Copenhagen in February.

Only Misha Zilberman could win his match against Norway in 2 games, making him the backbone of team Israel today.

Subgroup 1: Bulgaria wins from Finland with 3-2

Although Ireland is already winner in Subgroup 1, Bulgaria and Finland still played an exciting tie against each other today. And for Bulgaria this was a good thing, as they could bring in the win on home soil.

Mariya Mitsova won both her women’s singles and mixed doubles match and feels good about the victory.

- Today I felt really confident and comfortable actually. We played on home soil, so we had the audience, a lot of parents and our close people. I really enjoyed it!

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