Credit: Cristian Savin
Perfect preparation for the Youth Olympics
Date: 10/3/2018 11:13 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones
Sometimes, training as a badminton player can be difficult due to location but Badminton Europe has given Cristian Savin an opportunity that he could not turn down.

The Moldavian was born in Dubasari and now lives in Benátky nad Jizerou (Czech Rep.), where he has been playing badminton since the age of eight.

Now, Savin has been given the chance to train at one of Badminton Europe’s Certificated Training Centres, in Holland where he has continued to develop ahead of the Youth Olympics this month.
Important for development

Savin, 17, believes that the training centre opportunity will improve his ability as a badminton player and prepare him in the best possible way for the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics.

- I am so glad for the opportunity that Badminton Europe has offered me. It gives me the chance to improve my skills and develop further.

- It is good that you can go and practice at Badminton Europe’s centres because there are some very good players which is a good sparring for me.
The best use for the Training Centres

Badminton Europe COE Head Coach Jeroen Van Dijk is very pleased with the way that the Training Centres help not just players from outside but Badminton Europe’s COE players too!

- I am very happy that the Certificated Training Centres are being used and that we are working on a corporation between the Centre of Excellence and the training centres.

- It is all about getting the best training centres for the players and this can be done in so many ways.

- Our players can also go and practice in these centres. So, if there is a Dutch Open, then our players can train there for a few days and then go to play the tournament which is good preparation for them.

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