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Adam Hall: "We are just not getting the luck"
Date: 10/1/2018 12:06 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones
Scottish Doubles player Adam Hall is confident that the results in his Men’s Doubles pairing will improve.

Hall who is paired with Alexander Dunn set high standards on court last year and admits that it is proving difficult to maintain the level but does not think it is all their fault.

- We need to try and turn these close matches around, we don’t think that we are doing anything particularly wrong, we are just not getting the luck. 

- At the Czech Open, we lost by a net court and then the week before we lost from a bad umpire decision at 18-18 in the second game, we are not getting these decisions which are match changing really.

Back to basics

The 22-year old says that they need to stay positive because there is not a big difference between the results, and it can easily be turned around with practice.

Hall and Dunn have taken exits from the past two tournaments at the Round of 32 stage and they are eager to improve that.

- We need to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to improve. With it being a good year last year, it is difficult to maintain the high levels that we set.

- It is just about staying positive. If we were losing by big margins, then there would be an issue but the fact that they are close results against good pairs shows that we are almost there.

- We either need some look to come our way or we need to make our own luck and not get ourselves into these close situations.

Tokyo or Paris?

The Men’s Doubles pair are keen to have the chance to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo but it is all about the experience.

- For this qualifying campaign for us, it will be about the experience of trying to qualify rather than qualifying.

- Even getting into the sixteen places will be tough but then we also have Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge to tackle who as well are already very highly ranked and the reigning bronze medalists.

- This will be a good learning experience for us, to get that Olympic feeling and whether it is Tokyo in 2020 or Paris in 2022 we will do our best to make sure we are there.

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