13 Member Associations implemented Shuttle Time
Date: 7/30/2013 3:06 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler

Shuttle Time is a BWF's schools badminton programme; which aims to help teachers and coaches to develop the skills, knowledge and the confidence to plan and deliver the safe and fun badminton lessons to children and youth.

BWF is working with its Continental Confederations and Member Associations to implement Shuttle Time programme worldwide since 2012. The first Shuttle Time course in Europe was held in Malta, in February 2012. Since then, the progress of the project in Europe has been rather fast. As per today the following 13 Member Associations are in a process of integrating the Shuttle Time project in the existing school system in the country:

Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Malta, Norway, Poland.

To follow the progress of these countries, please visit our official Shuttle Time website.

Since 2012 a lot of work has been done on educating the Shuttle Time human resources in Europe. For an easier project implementation around Europe, some of the implementing countries translated/are translating the Shuttle Time resources in their native languages. As per today, we have the translation of the resources ready in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language. In the nearest future, we will as well have the resources in Hungarian, Russian, and Slovenian language.

Badminton Europe have so far organised 4 Shuttle Time Trainer/Tutor courses, and the implementing countries work hard on having quite some national level tutor and teachers courses organised since the end of 2012. As per today, the human resources numbers in Europe are as follow:

Shuttle Time Trainers - 13
Shuttle Time Tutors - 145
Shuttle Time Teachers - 334

The educated trainers, tutors, teachers are coming from more than 20 different European countries

For the future, Badminton Europe would like to have more countries involved in the Shuttle Time project. We would like to give every child a chance to play badminton, and we believe that  that can be than together with our Member Associations. We would like to encourage all the Member Associations, who are interested in the Shuttle Time project (presenting badminton as a school sport in their home country, in attracting more players in this sport - increase of the membership) to contact us.

Together we can find the way to introduce and implement the Shuttle Time project in your country.

More detailed information, as well as the list of the ST trainers, tutors, and teachers you can find on our Development website.

Follow us as well on Facebook, where you can find the photos from the BEC and the national level courses around Europe.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Spela Silvester, BEC Development and Events Assistant at

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