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COE startup with physical endurance tests
Date: 8/10/2018 3:36 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The beginning of August is not only the time where players return to the centre in Holbaek, Denmark, to startup training after a short summer break. This is also the time for physical tests. 

August 6th and 8th have been extra special since the regular practices have been exchanged with physical testing. Body analysis (bio-impedance), badminton speed test, y-balance test, counter movement-jump and a badminton endurance test was conducted on the first testing day, while 1RM leg press, VO2 max, Biering-Sørensen test and flexor endurance test was done on the second.

The Centre of Excellence (COE) players followed a schedule and showed up in the gym at Stenhus Gymnasium to do the tests one by one. The first step was to measure their legs with measuring tape to have measurements to compare if there is a difference in the size of the muscles. This also applied for the leg press which also was also a part of tests that day.

PhD student Nicklas Junge is working with Stenhus Gymnasium for the next three years as he is writing his PhD thesis based on the research he compiles from the tests at the gymnasium. 

Already with a master’s degree in Human Physiology from the University of Copenhagen, Junge is planning to write his thesis on the physical development for young elite athletes. His tests will also be conducted by other students in the Stenhus Sports College programmes.

Hard work and endurance
Besides using the legs, two core tests were performed; the Biering-Sørensen and a flexor endurance test. The first one tests the lower back, where the player would lie on a bench with the torso out from the bench while the legs where strapped to it. 

The player would use the strength in the lower back to hold the back in a straight with the legs from the bench above the floor while holding a 5 kg weight on the shoulders, holding the arms into his or her body crossed with a hand on the opposite shoulder. (See photo below)

This would be followed by a flexor endurance test, which focuses on the stomach. Here the player would be sitting on a bench with a 90 degree-angle between the thigh and back, but the torso tipped back 60 degrees. Feet would be strapped to the bench, arms crossed on front of the stomach holding a 5 kg weight. (See photo below)

Finally, the VO2 max test on the treadmill where the player wears a mask and a harness (See main photo). The mask is hooked to machine that measures the body’s maximum oxygen consumption and compare it to the body weight. Furthermore, a jump test is conducted where the player will jump from two legs straight up in the air to reach the maximum height possible, and a leg press test. (See photo below)

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