18 participants in Szeged, Hungary
Date: 5/4/2013 2:00 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
It is the goal from Badminton Europe to give all Member Associations the possibility to have a coach education structure in their country. In order to achieve this goal, Badminton Europe is organising courses to develop tutors who are able to give the BEC/BWF Level 1 coaching course in their own country if they pass the course.

With the help of the Hungarian Badminton Federation, the third BEC/BWF Level 1 Tutors' course was held from 3 to 5 May in Szeged, Hungary at the Szeged badminton club. The course started early Friday morning and 18 participants from 12 different Member Associations got immediately introduced to all the resources that they will need to use when they are a tutor. It was very clear to them that this was going to be a very intensive course. Not only because of the amount of the resources but also to use the correct terminology in English.

Jo Hughes, the expert for this course, made it very clear that the participants have to think as Tutors and stop thinking as coaches. This was trained in the practical exercises on the Friday and on Saturday. In these exercises the participants had to take on the role of player, coach or Tutor.

On Sunday, the shortest and last day of the course, the participants had to show that they were able to work as a Tutor. The final task was to assess and give feedback in a way that showed that you are able to lead a Level 1 coaching course.

Badminton Europe would like to thank the Hungarian Badminton Federation, Miklos Papai from the Szeged Squash/Badminton Club, expert Jo Hughes and the participants to make this course possible.

At the 2013 BEC Summer School in Denmark, Badminton Europe will organise another BEC/BWF Level 1 coaching course.
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