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Board of Directors Meeting, June 2018
Date: 6/26/2018 11:52 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The recent Board & Commission meetings in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, stole headlines as Badminton Europe President Gregory Verpoorten anounced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2019.

Read the full MEMO below:

BEC President to retire in 2019
BEC President Gregory Verpoorten announced that he would not be seeking re-election for the BWF Vice-President position in April 2019. Gregory Verpoorten also announced that he would step down as BEC President at the end of his term. A new BEC President and a new BWF Vice-President for Europe will be elected April 27th 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine

Report from office
BEC are looking to hire a High Performance and Development Senior Manager, two Communication Junior Managers and a Finance and Administration Manager. Job adverts have been published for these positions. In July, BEC will furthermore publish a job advert to find its new Commercial Manager. Finally, BEC is still looking to hire a new assistant coach for its Centre of Excellence. Part of these new employments are possible due to additional HR funding from BWF.

Communication & Media
The Communication & Media Commission decided to continue the SoMe project together with already selected Member Associations. It was furthermore decided to expand the project, to include more Member Associations. The SoMe project is intended to support selected Member Associations to improve their presence on their social media platforms.

It was decided to discontinue the BEC Voicestorm project which has been used to promote BEC activities with the help of BEC Ambassadors.

The Board agreed that European Para-Badminton International tournaments shall be more frequently visited by BEC-personnel, to show even greater support to Para-Badminton events around Europe.

Commercial Commission
BEC are proud to announce RSL as its partner for this year’s Summer School in Podcetrtek (Slovenia). The official name is therefore ´RSL BEC Summer School´. RSL has also recently signed contracts with two players on the BEC Centre of Excellence.

Member Structures
A volunteer program will be launched as part of the Member Association support program “BASIS”. The volunteer program will offer the opportunity for organisers of major events in Europe to attract foreign volunteers, supported by BEC.

A first National Umpire Tutor Course will be held in connection with the European Junior Championships in September, in Tallinn (Estonia) – to assist Member Associations in getting a better domestic structure of its umpire education.

The Board of Directors approved the revised subsidy for the BEC Congress. BEC will for the future contribute with a travel grant of 250€ for a second delegate.

BEC Disciplinary Committee
Andrej Pohar is the new Chair of the BEC Disciplinary Committee.

HR Committee
Mike Robinson is the new Chair of the HR Committee.

Finance & Governance Committee
Mike Robinson is the new Chair of the Finance & Governance Committee.

Recently elected Board member, Renna Unt (Estonia), is new member of the Communication & Media Commission.

Athletes' Commission
Kai Schäfer (Germany) is new member of the Athletes Commission. He joins Selena Piek (Netherlands) and Ernesto Velazquez (Spain).

Next duties for the Board of Directors
15 September 2018 Board of Directors meeting in Tallinn (Estoina).
25-27 January 2019 Board of Directors and Commission Meetings in Copenhagen (Denmark).
26-28 April 2019 BEC Congress in Kiev (Ukraine).
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