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Elena Diordiev joins the Centre of Excellence
Date: 6/20/2018 2:05 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Moldova’s Elena-Alexandra Diordiev joined Badminton Europe’s training centre in Denmark on Monday 11 of June and will also be starting her studies at the local high school in Holbæk.

Diordiev, 17, came to Denmark three years ago and has during that time trained and studied in Odense. But for more than a week, Elena Diordiev has embarked on a new period at the Centre of Excellence (COE) while starting her studies at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) at Stenhus Gymnasium, located at the same location as the training centre.

- I feel both excited and determined to join the centre, because lots of new opportunities will arise. For example, I will be able to both study what I like and practice at a higher level with other international players and coaches at the same time, thanks to the favorable location of the halls and gymnasium.

- I'm sure that there will be lots of challenges, struggles, and new experiences. Yet, I'm ready to learn and embrace all of them, Elena Diordiev told Badminton Europe.

A wide range of possibilities
The young Moldovan has many goals and dreams for her future career in badminton. Overall, she hopes to qualify for the Olympics in 2024, and also has dreams of winning international challenges, participating at the World Championships and competing on the BWF World Tour.

- I consider that Badminton Europe and the Centre of Excellence can help me to reach the desired level, because a wide range of possibilities to evolve are available for me here. 

- I believe that the coaches and teammates here can efficiently help me improve all physically, technically, tactically, emotionally and mentally. Moreover, it gives favorable circumstances to practice and get inspired from the older, and more experienced players at the centre, she explains.

New beginnings
At nine years old, Diordiev started to play badminton, mainly because she had problems with her eyes. But the interest grew, and she became more motivated to get stronger and compete at the international level.

- During my last years in Moldova, the training conditions became worse as there weren't so many coaches and players left, and thus my family and I were seeking alternatives to keep the progress going.

When she came to the Badminton Academy in Odense, all of that improved and she played tournaments for the local club. But now that she has finished her studies at Odense International School, a new chapter begins in Holbæk; studying at Stenhus Gymnasium, playing for Holbæk Badminton Club and training at the Centre of Excellence.

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