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Jaquet: It is coming back
Date: 4/24/2018 2:22 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Bronze medalist from 2017 Sabrina Jaquet fought to find herself on court in the first round of women’s singles in Huelva.

On the first day of the 2018 European Championships, Jaquet from Switzerland turned her insecurity into power on court against Natalia Permoniva from Russia.

- I know that right now I don’t really have the balance on court and in the last few matches with lack of competition, I was not feeling really well, she told Badminton Europe after the match.

After nine months out of the game with an injury, the Swiss does not feel one hundred percent fit. The lack of competition shows on court, she said, and she is not feeling like the ‘old Sabrina’. But her first reaction after winning the first game was: ‘Great it is coming back!’

A comeback in the third
Jaquet lost her focus and the second game; 18-21. When you lose your focus and start playing impatiently, it is impossible to win against a player like Natalia Perminova according to Jaquet.

- In the third it was close until 11-10, and then I think that the difference at the end was that I was a bit more solid. I took the patience and she was trying to smash a little bit too much and I just fought with everything I had and it was the difference today, I think.

- But it was good today. I was fighting a lot, I was on a streak again and that is what I need actually to come back stronger and stronger. And I am really enjoying to play and I am happy that I won today. 

Soraya waits in R2
Soraya De Visch Eijbergen from the Netherlands waits in the second round on Wednesday, and the Swiss is up for the challenge:

- I have played her many times. It is always a great fight and I’m looking forward to it. She is a different type of player, she is really good technically, but I will prepare the best that I can and try my best tomorrow.

The medal from Kolding in 2017 means a lot for Jaquet but she is trying not to think too much about her expectations. She knows that her situation is completely different from last year due to her injury.

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