Persson in the Dutch Open 2016
Jonathan Persson's progress and ambitions for the year
Date: 3/28/2018 7:48 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones

Persson's progress since joining the COE

Badminton Europe's Centre of Excellence player Jonathan Persson believes that he progressed a lot since joining the team in Holbæk, not just with the racket but also improved on a physical level.

- I have been here since the middle of January, and I think that I have progressed a lot especially on a physical basis. Jonathan Persson told Badminton Europe.

- I have increased my level. I have been having a lot of training sessions here, both on and off the court in the gym.” He added.

The Orléans Masters

Ahead of The Orléans Masters, Persson said that he was looking forward to the tournament was hoping that he could put on a good show but admitted that was is not all about the result.

Persson got the better of his opponent Adrian George in the Qualifier's and then went through to the Round of 64 after getting a walkover against Romain Frank. 

- I am in the qualification; I am playing an Indian player in the first round which will be tough. Hopefully, I can win that and then I will be into the proper rounds. Persson said before the tournament.

-  It is about performing at a good level for me and putting what I have been training into practice, it is more about putting in a good performance than the result. He spoke.

Although Persson was eventually beaten by his fellow countryman Alexander Roovers in the First Round proper, he still showed skill and quality, which he will be proud of.

Find the draws for Orléans Masters 2018: Here

Going forward for the year

The 23-year old knows what personal ambitions he has for the year ahead but just wants to take it step by step, in order to improve.

 - I will try to increase my ranking and just see how far I can go. I do have personal goals but I just want to improve and take it one step at a time. Persson said.

Persson admits that he does want to go far in the future but just wants to improve his level and take it in small steps.

- Maybe I can go really far in the future which would be great, but at the moment it is about improving my level and my training. he commented.

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