BEC Shuttle Time Trainer/Tutor course 2018
Date: 2/5/2018 2:31 PM
Published by : HugoMussou
Last week end was held the BEC Shuttle Time Trainer/Tutor course 2018 in Chisinau, Moldova. As usual, the course lasted two days and a half and gathered this year 17 participants from 10 different countries: Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal, Spain, Wales and England.

Once again, the course has been a great experience for every participant with a very dense schedule well managed by the Experts (Tom Causer and Helen Earnshaw) and the organizers from the Badminton Federation of Moldova. 

The first day of the course was mainly dedicated to a good understanding of the Shuttle Time resources and the role of Shuttle Time teachers and tutors. After a quick introduction and an “ice breaking” time, allowing all the participants to get to know each other better, the practical sessions started on court. Each candidate was delivering Shuttle Time sessions as Teachers and then as Tutors, while they were observed and assessed by our two experts.

The second day was the opportunity for the participants to be in the role of Trainers, meaning assessing other candidates playing the role of Tutors. A great way to test different type of skills as “tutoring” skills, questioning skills and feedback skills. 

A part of the second day was also dedicated to the development of a Shuttle Time teachers course planning (a 8 hours course where teachers would learn all the badminton basics and mainly how to use the ST resources). 
Participants then ended the course with a “self-reflection” task, they had to write down what they had valued from the course.

“It was a very important event for our federation as it was the very first time we hosted a Badminton Europe event/course. It was hard for me to manage the organization and take part in the course at the same time, however I feel like everything was handled properly. We are very happy that everything went well and that everyone seemed to be having a good time here in Moldova” says Maria Bubucea from the Badminton Federation of Moldova.

Badminton Europe would like to thank the Badminton Federation of Moldova, its president Marian Stan and Maria Bubucea, for their great work in hosting the course and organizing all the logistic perfectly. Badminton Europe would also like to thank all the candidates for their participation and involvement, and of course the two Shuttle Time experts, Tom Causer and Helen Earnshaw, for their great delivery. 

Article and pictures by Hugo Mussou.

© All rights reserved.

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