Toby Penty reached his career-best ranking position. He is currently no. 51 in the world.
Little steps forward for Toby Penty
Date: 12/14/2017 5:43 PM
Published by : Lilit Poghosyan
After winning the 2017 Scottish Open Grand Prix, Toby Penty (England) got 5500 points and is currently no. 51 on men’s singles world ranking list. Though he had to pull out of playing his last two tournaments this year because of injuries, Penty is still happy with the progress he has made:

-To win my first challenge title (Kharkiv International) and then back it up a few months later with first grand prix title is a great feeling. Having lost my six international finals to now have won my last three back to back gives me that extra bit of confidence as well, Penty tells Badminton Europe.

Penty will start his trainings after enjoying some time off over the Christmas period. The concentration then will be the European Men Team Championships and the coming tournaments. 

-My main goal is to reach that first page of the rankings, so top 25 but right now it’s about little steps forward and trying to maintain a high level of consistency. My goals for 2018 are to be really competitive at the grand prix gold and super series level where I have the chance. Alongside that doing well at the European Championships, Penty tells Badminton Europe.

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Career-best ranking positions
Alexander Roovers (Germany), Luis Enrique Penalver (Spain) and Nhat Nguyen (Ireland) can celebrate their career-best ranking positions as this week’s men’s singles world ranking list has them on position no. 122, no. 114 and no. 144 respectively.

Irish Open semifinalist Luis Enrique Penalver (Spain) climbed from position no. 123 to no. 114. He lost to Alexander Roovers (Germany) who then went to beat Nhat Nguyen in the finals. Roovers moved from position no. 146 to no. 122 this week. 

Nhat Nguyen, the 17-year-old Irish badminton player, had two successful weeks, becoming the winner of Welsh International and runner-up of Irish Open. This week, he jumped from position no. 172 to no. 144 on the men’s singles ranking list.

COE players sticking together
Milan Ludik (Czech Republic) and Iikka Heino (Finland), who are members of BEC “Centre of Excellence” in Holbaek, appeared next to each other on this week’s men’s singles world ranking list. 

Heino, who went into quarterfinals in Irish Open, moved 8 spots up and currently occupies position no. 120. 

Ludik moved one spot up to occupy position no. 121 and is just 140 ranking points away from the Finnish player.  

See the full BWF ranking here
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