BEC Award Trophies
The Fantastic Five
Date: 12/15/2017 10:07 AM
Published by : Tania Teoh
Badminton Europe is delighted to present the five nominees of the 2017 BEC Badminton for Women Award. This award will be awarded at the 6th BEC Awards Gala in Dubrovnik, (CRO) next year on Saturday, 14th April 2018.

The five nominees come from a vast background and have been contributing endlessly to the development of badminton both nationally and internationally. The involvement of these nominees in badminton is truly an asset to European badminton.

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The Nominees

• Marketa Osickova (CZE)
• Women, Health & Sport (ESP)
• Maria Susana Maldonado (POR)
• Mart Mäerand (EST)
• Diana Koleva (BUL)

Klavs Andreassen, BEC Director and Chair of Women in Badminton Commission says

- I am pleased to see that the nominees for the 2017 Badminton for Women Award covers such a broad part of our sport from administration, coaching, technical officials to a health project to get more girls and women to participate in sport.

- I believe we have a strong line-up for the Award and the BEC Award Panel.
I hope to see many more nominations for next year´s award.

This award was renamed from ´Women in Badminton Award´ to ´Badminton for Women Award´ in April 2017 in order to be inclusive for both men and women. Both genders are now eligible to receive this award and be recognized for their hard work in increasing women participation in badminton.

Projects or individuals can be nominated by their own federations or by cross nominating. There is no age limit nor quota for the nominations. The BEC Award Panel and the Women in Badminton Commission will go through thorough discussion to choose the winner.

Stay tuned on our official platforms to be the first to know about the winner.

For more information about the BEC Badminton for Women Award, click here.

To view the past award winners, click here.

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