A very successful Coordinators Seminar
Date: 12/8/2017 10:03 AM
Published by : Zsofia Horvath (EU)
The second BEC Shuttle Time Coordinators Seminar was held from 7-8 December 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Most of the Shuttle Time Coordinators from Europe (21 participants from 19 countries in total) were able to gather together and follow the presentations of Zsofia Horvath (BEC Manager) and Hugo Mussou (BEC Junior Manager) about the upcoming new features and future plans connected to the Shuttle Time Programme. Some of the sessions were also aiming at creating discussions between the participants, and also working on some small tasks/exercises. 

The first day of the Seminar was dedicated to go through the Shuttle Time National Planning Document, a document that each Shuttle Time implementing country has to fill out every year, in order to establish an accurate and reasonable plan for the application of the programme. This plan is indeed setting objectives on the number of courses, the budget to forecast, the new members and participants to target etc. 

This day also allowed the organizers to present the Shuttle Time Online Module and two participants (Gabriel Schelble, Switzerland and Marketa Osickova, Czech Republic) were able to present their best practices from their own country. 

“It was nice to meet the Coordinators and to share experiences from home. I was happy to present our project from Switzerland and it was also interesting to hear from other countries”, says Gabriel. 

During the second day, presentations were held about the Shuttle Time reporting, the Shuttle Time website and the use of social medias for the programme. The BWF Extranet was also introduced, which is the new tool of the BWF, which will be up and running in 2018 and will allow an easier way to make courses reports. A session was also dedicated to the Shuttle Time University Course and Youth Leadership Award. 

“As always I’m very impressed with the BEC organization. I appreciated that everyone was invited and obviously everyone was very involved, with a lot of comments and ideas for all our different countries” explains Åsa Strindlund from Sweden.

Arno Boonants from Belgium, which will start implementing Shuttle Time next year, was also happy to take part: “It was a really good experience and useful to get the visions from others countries and see how you can take that back to Belgium”

The participating countries of the 2017 BEC Shuttle Time Coordinators Seminar: Armenia, Spain, Moldova, Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia, Austria and Wales.
To learn more about Shuttle Time, please visit the BWF Shuttle Time website.
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