Players, coaches and collaborators were gathered to celebrate the opening of the Centre of Excellence. (Photo: Badminton Europe)
Grand Opening: - We already feel like a family
Date: 11/1/2017 12:40 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The European training centre has been up and running since September 1st, but the day for the grand opening was commemorated on Tuesday 31 October, in Holbæk, Denmark.

Holbæk Sports Centre Foundation (Fonden Holbæk Sportsby - FHS) and Badminton Europe (BEC) invited guests and collaborators to an open training followed by a tour of the premises and a reception with refreshments.

Many people gathered in Stenhushallen (Hall of Stenhus) at Stenhus Gymnasium, where the players have their daily training until the new Holbæk Sports Centre is finished on 1 January 2019. 

Head Coach Jeroen van Dijk and board member of FHS Carsten Damgaard bid the crowd welcome in the hall and explained the development of the project and the progress they have experienced already after two months.

Local mayor is enthusiastic about the future
Søren Kjærsgaard, the mayor of Holbæk, was present at the open training and spoke to Badminton Europe about the political prospects of prolonging the contract to after the year of 2020.

- I was here when the centre opened in September and I am here today to see the young players train because I want to send the message, that we hope the nice, young people who are at the centre today wants to stay here, also after 2020.

- We, in Holbæk, see this centre to be apparent in the context of the new Holbæk Sports Centre and all the activities that are going to be there. The fact that Badminton Europe is present with the biggest venture of high-performance training in Europe can create role models for all the other young people that will use the sports centre.

- Please chase them
The BEC Board was represented by Klavs Andreassen, who thanked the local collaborators on behalf of the confederation and, also, addressed the European players; 

- I know that your dreams are big – please chase them. And remember; this is just the beginning. 

Head Coach van Dijk and his coaching team Nicola Cerfontyne and Kestutis Navickas have been working hard to setup the structure of the centre, and are experiencing a great team spirit from the players and the people involved form Stenhus Gymnasium.

- We already feel like a family and we want to thank everyone for their hard work so far, head coach van Dijk stated.

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