The players were introduced to the technical details behind the equipment (Photo: Badminton Europe)
COE player: It defines a lot more of how you are as a badminton player
Date: 10/25/2017 10:18 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The badminton specific tests that was executed for the Centre of Excellence (COE) last week, made a great impression on the players who was the objects for the testing.

Aalborg University and the science test centre at Stenhus Gymnasium (Stenhus Test & Videnscenter) conducted a list of tests in order to find out how the players moves on court.

Christian Møller Madsen, ph.d. in badminton specific tests, was a big part of the team behind the testing and was very pleased with the outcome:

- I think that the tests were successful. And the thing that is important is also that the players work professionally around this, and I really think that they have did that.

Exposing physical weaknesses
COE player Toni Woods, 19, said that she understood that this was more badminton specific than a normal running test, which, to her, means players can take a lot out of it about their physical abilities.

- I learned a lot about my physical weaknesses and about how I lose my focus when I get tired, as I often made a mistake by hitting the wrong bar from what the computer was showing.  I hope to learn exactly how I move around the court, so I can see what I need to change to increase my speed.

- It defines a lot more of how you are as a badminton player rather than testing how far you can run, Woods says about how future players can benefit from these professional tests.

As professional as possible
Christian Møller Madsen thinks that it is important that everything surrounding the COE is as professional as possible, and that this test helps to prove that point.

- I think that for Badminton Europe and for us, it is important to emphasize that when we do something we do it right. And I can see that the players also work from that and are being serious about this project.  

- I enjoyed the tests and found it interesting as a player because it was different physical testing from what I am used to. It was hard but really useful, says Woods.

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