Photo by Mark Phelan for Badminton Europe: Duarte Nuno Anjo at European Club Championships in Milan, June 2017.
Duarte Nuno Anjo joins the Centre of Excellence
Date: 8/18/2017 3:32 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The 21-year-old Portuguese is the 15th player announced to start at the BEC Centre of Excellence (COE) from 1 September 2017.

When Nuno Anjo participated at the Selection Camp in Holbaek, earlier this year, he was intrigued by his experiences, and today, Badminton Europe (BEC) is happy to announce that he will be a part of the permanent squad in Holbaek.

“I decided to go to the centre because there I saw everything that I need to improve my badminton”, he says about his decision to move to Denmark. 

“Where I am training now there’s almost no players that I can train and play with, so it gets difficult to bring the quality of training that I know I will have at the centre. So, a part of the decision was also due to the lack of sparring.”

Duarte Nuno Anjo is 21 years old, has just graduated high school and is playing for Club Desportivo e Recreativo dos Prazeres (CDRP). He is joining fellow Portuguese Mariana Pinto Leite in Holbaek when they move there permanently later this month. 

His goals in badminton is, of course, to participate at the Olympic Games and win the major tournaments, but he has also set smaller goals that he hopes the COE can help him achieve:

“I’m working to achieve a top 50-world ranking, after that we will see which level that I can reach. I like to think ‘step by step’ and make short goals to always work hard to overcome my ‘bigger’ goals.” 

Nuno Anjo is a perfect match for Badminton Europe’s COE and one of the centre’s fundamental objectives which to assist players from minor Member Associations who needs better sparring. 

“The centre can help me with many things. I will have good players to train with, good coaches, and experience a lot of different game styles which will bring me many vantages to improve my badminton.”

He did not have the same possibilities in Portugal and he feels really motivated to start the training; “I’m definitely feeling happy and I’m looking forward to join the centre! I really believe it will be a good experience for me and my badminton career.”

Please visit COE's page to learn more about the high-performance training centre.

Read Mariana Leite Pinto’s announcement and about all the other COE players by clicking right here.

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