Team Europe’s training camp live from Germany
Date: 3/1/2012 6:10 PM

This morning the 5-day long Badminton Europe training camp kicked off in Germany, alongside the 2012 Yonex German Open.

Nine players including the Team Europe 2012 members Linda Zechiri of Bulgaria, Larisa Griga and Dmitry Zavadsky of Ukraine, and Chloe Magee of Ireland received their first training session from Coach Peter Mouritsen of Denmark.

During 2 hours men played matches against each other, meanwhile ladies focused on diverse exercises to improve their techniques; an evening session will follow later today as well. Until Monday, players will train morning and afternoon; additional players will joined the camp tomorrow.

As part of Badminton Europe’s Olympic Programmes, training camps are organised at the end of major Opens to offer training and sparring opportunities to players participating in the tournaments. The main objectives being to qualify for the 2012 Olympics and to increase European medals chances.

The next training camp will most probably be closer to the Olympic Games for the players who qualified; more information will be sent to the Member Associations in due time.

For more information about the Olympic Programmes, click here.

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