From Nordic Camp 2016, Malmö
Sweden: Nordic camp for U15
Date: 8/25/2016 3:44 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Nordic Camp is a cooperative camp between the nordic countries. The purpose of the camp is to make relations between players and coaches over the boarders of the countries. The camp is arranged for the U15-national teams of each country which is a perfect age group for the players to make an international bond that they will remember when they get older. 

This year the Nordic camp was hosted by Sweden in Malmö Badminton Center with 36 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands. For five days the players practiced together, had their meals together and had several social events together.  All six nations participated with at least one coach. Every day the coaches worked together to make the practice as good as possible for the players. By working together the coaches had a chance to exchange experience and learn from each other. Valuable experience that they can bring back home. 

Head coach, U15 National Team, Badminton Sweden and Head coach for the Nordic Camp, 2016, Boxiao Pan: 

”I’m happy to say that the Nordic Camp this year was a great success. Malmö Badminton Center provided 14 courts which was more than enough for group sessions and individual sessions for the players. This year, Malmö Badminton Academy also invited their coach to lead two sessions for the players. The players groups were switched several times during the camp which made it easier for them to make friends for their future international carriers.”

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