Day 7: Everyone wins
Date: 7/16/2016 6:14 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Yesterday, July 15, was the last scheduled day of this year’s BEC Summer School. A full week with days of training and Level 1-course education are coming to an end, and soon it is time for the participants to say their farewells.

Looking back on the week, leading staff coach Jeroen van Dijk says:” We have had a fantastic week and I would like to thank everybody for their help. I hope they have enjoyed their time here. “

Coming to an end
For the players ‘all’ they had to do was play an individual tournament. This was their chance to use all that they have learned and use it in game situations. 

Winner: Fabio Caponio  (ITA)
Runner up: Lloyd Holland (SCO)
Third place:  Melker Z-Bexell (SWE) and Johan Azelius (SWE)

Winner: Maija Krzywacki (FIN) 
Runner up: Beth Stephenson (IRL)
Third place: Inalotta Suutarinen (FIN) and Elena Andreu (ESP)

On a more serious note, the coaches had to finalize their BWF Level 1-course, first by a delivery session to the staff coaches followed by individual feedback with the final judgment, for the Shuttle Time-course as well. 

Bruno Topi (ALB), coach says: “I learned a lot of new stuff here; a lot of new exercises from the staff coaches. And it is also nice to meet new friends and to spend a lot of time with them.” 

“This year’s Summer School has taught me how to make a technical exercise into a tactical exercise, which is something I will bring back to my country”, coach Magnus Dal-Christiansen (FO) explains.

In the evening, it was time to celebrate the end of the Summer School. A party was arranged after dinner, and everyone was dancing and having fun. Coach Boxiao Pan (SWE) even had the whole team dancing some choreography. 

The party marked the end and the last official day of the BEC Summer School 2016. The participants stayed one more night, and departed Podcetrtek around 8:30 Saturday morning.

“During the camp I’ve really enjoyed the socializing, making new friends. And hopefully I will come back again next year, which will be my third year”, says player, Brian O’Mahony (IRL).

BEC and the staff coaches hope that all the participants have enjoyed it just as much as them, and hope to see a lot returning again next year. Thank you for having us, Slovenia.

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