“I wish Europe can get closer to Asia”
Date: 1/4/2012 3:08 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler

Poul-Erik Høyer is President of Badminton Europe. The Dane, who is considered to be one of the legends of badminton, was elected into the Badminton Europe Council in 2010. We talked to Poul-Erik about his challenges and goals as BEC President.

Poul-Erik, we all know you have been a very successful player. What would you personally consider as your biggest achievement?
That is my overall patience and that I am focused on the goals. And the knowledge of the different value of people.

You are still Europe's only Gold winner at the Olympics. For how long will you have this status?
I hope not for long anymore. I really wish that we in Europe can get closer to the Asian countries.

What is your biggest challenge as Badminton Europe President?
To act toward reaching out to our member associations and respect there differences. Also I try to aim goals for the future.

What are your personal goals related to Badminton Europe?
Overall it is to make badminton a more popular sport and getting more people to try a shuttle and a racket. But also try to do a backup on the high level of badminton that I believe we have a possibility to lift.

Can you tell us about your non-badminton life: What is your profession?
I'm involved in my local handball team where I have a responsibility for our development and top level sponsors. I'm also elected on to our local community board in the area I live. And furthermore I’m a member of The Danish Olympic Committee.

Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, I really like fishing and I also play some golf.

Many badminton fans are concerned about what is going on with the (Chinese) walkovers during the last couple of months. What is your opinion about that situation?
As I responded to a Danish journalist some weeks ago, I'm concerned like the spectators and those who are spending a lot of money in order to arrange the tournaments. And I do believe that we don't attract sponsors by not playing the matches. There is obviously a problem in how we understand the value of playing all matches trying to win and do your best. It is also a great concern when we have to deal with match fixing in the sports business in general. 

There are only five months to go until the European Championships in Karlskrona - BE's biggest event. What are your expectations for the event?
I do expect a high quality of the matches and a well organised tournament. I have visited Karlskrona earlier this year and I’m confident that Sweden will do a great job. I look forward once again to visit a wonderful area in the southern part of Sweden.

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