21 participants in Vienna
Date: 4/5/2016 2:50 PM
Published by : Zsofia Horvath (EU)
Badminton Europe organised another Shuttle Time trainer/tutor course in close cooperation with the Austrian Badminton Association to support the implementation of Shuttle Time in Europe. 21 motivated participants came to the course which was held from 1 – 3 April 2016. “We did not aspect to have so many participants at this course. Many countries have the educated people that they need but the interest among our Member Association to implement Shuttle Time is still growing” says Jeroen van Dijk, manager at Badminton Europe.

5 new countries (Gibraltar, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia and Sweden) which are interested in implementing Shuttle Time send participants to the course.  The course was delivered as usual and started on the first day with the introduction and an explanation how the resources are working. The only difference was that the course had 3 experts (Tina Riedl, Helen Ward and Jeroen van Dijk) instead of two who were leading the course. The rest of the first day was spent in the badminton hall where the participants started to work with the resources and deliver lessons from the book. The tasks in the course are slowly increasing to teach the participants how to be a tutor , to show the assessors what level the participants have and what they need to work on.

The second day started with individual feedback from the course leaders to the participants to allow them to deliver their task in a different way if needed. This was followed by a discussion regarding different learning styles. 2 more task were delivered by the participants during the day. The main focuses in these tasks are how to be a tutor and how to give feedback. The day ended with a session regarding the implementing process in new countries and the role of the BWF and BEC.

The third day started with a delivery of a lesson without any talking. The tutors were asked to do their demonstrations and group management without saying a word. The goal of this lesson is to let the participants experience that it is not always necessary to talk to organise a fun practice. The last 2 hours of the course were used to give individual feedback to the participants and to inform them at which level they passed the course.

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