Shuttle Time in Austria
Date: 2/23/2016 2:43 PM
Published by : Jeroen Van Dijk
In our new series around Shuttle Time in Europe the first country we will focus on is Austria. The Austrian Badminton Association was one of the first Associations to start to implement Shuttle Time. At the end of 2012 the first Shuttle Time tutors course was organized and soon after followed the first Shuttle Time teacher course. A total of 5 tutor´s and 22 teacher´s courses have been organized so far. This resulted into 383 certified Shuttle Time Teachers and 95 certified Shuttle Time tutors. In 2016 five teacher and 2 tutor courses are planned.  From 1 – 3 April the Austrian Badminton Federation will be host for the BWF/BEC Shuttle Time Trainer/ Tutor course which will take place in Vienna.

The implementation of Shuttle Time in Austria is done through different strategies:

Directly in schools

In some schools there are so-called “Badminton-classes”. This means that within the Physical education lessons pupils are taught badminton through the Shuttle Time-Programme. 

Shuttle Time teachers educated through “Colleges of Education”:

Austrian school teachers have to complete official advanced training every year through their regional “Colleges of Education”. This is a good opportunity to introduce Shuttle Time to Physical Education teachers. The demand for Shuttle Time Teacher Courses within this area is growing. More and more colleges of education and also teachers are interested to give and attend these courses. The course graduates are all very enthusiastic about the given teaching materials.

Shuttle Time in the University:

One of Austrian Shuttle Time Tutors has been executing Shuttle Time Teacher courses directly within the Sports University for the last years. Future Physical Education-teachers become Shuttle Time teachers during their own education. 

Shuttle Time Tutors through Coach Education

Shuttle Time Tutor Courses are integrated within the first stage of Austrian Badminton Coach Education Courses. All coaches at basia level (called “Übungsleiter”) get educated and learn how to run Shuttle Time Teacher courses.

Through all these strategies the Austrian Badminton Association promotes badminton as a really enjoyable sport, of course for the youngsters, but also for the teachers who become inspired to teach badminton during their Physical Education-lessons. With the help of Shuttle Time the educated Tutors get easier contact to their local schools and the possibility to cooperate to get interested pupils in their clubs. 

In the beginning of 2016 a new special project, called “Talentprojekt” was started. The project is supported by the Austrian Sports ministry. The aim is to get more junior badminton players into Austrian clubs after they are introduced to Shuttle Time.  The idea is to develop talent pools so called “Talentnest” where a club is working closely together with a nearby elementary school. The Austrian Badminton Association gives support through additional regional practice where ambitious junior players can develop their abilities. At the moment 10 badminton clubs are running such a “Talentnest”.
The Austrian Badminton Association produced a Shuttle Time promotion video. To see the video click here.

Shuttle Time was also in a TV-Magazin-Report. To see the video click here.
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