The North Atlantic Project - Narsaq, Greenland
Date: 9/2/2015 11:41 AM
Published by : Tania Teoh
Badminton Kalaallit Nunaat (BKN) organized the Regional Project ´North Atlantic Project´ which included  training courses and talent training for coaches and youth players with participation from Iceland , the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The project took place in a camp in Narsaq, South Greenland from 10-16 August 2015.

The Regional Project was attended by 8 coaches and 24 players who went through five days´ training and knowledge sharing. After a long day of trainings, players enjoyed different kind of social activities like fishing, football, card games and walk in the wild. On the last days of the camp, the ´North Atlantic Cup´ tournament was played within the participating players and local players from Greenland. Players  U13, U 15 and U17 took part in the tournament.

The camp was led by Rune Svenningsen, BKN's National Coach. The Regional Project was aimed to provide our coaches with some tools they can use in their practice sessions at home in clubs and to establish a network between the players, coaches and associations in the participating .

A brief feedback from Rune Svenningsen on the project:

´We definitely did not create perfect players at the end of the week but there was substantial improvement from all the players. The most crucial improvements happened mentally with the players and at the end of the week, most of them knew what was important for them individually to focus on. This is what the camp is all about. A camp like this has huge meaning to the players that participated. It also works as a motivation factor and something to train towards to. To get selected from each country is a great prestige for the players. Hopefully this will not be the last North Atlantic Project and we will all cross our fingers the camp will be held again next summer.´

Concept of the camp 

The goal for the week was for the players to be immersed in badminton and to develop technical, tactical and movement skills. The other goal for players was to meet and create friendships with players from other countries.  The goal for coaches was to be challenged and introduced to the technical, tactical and footwork aspects of the game. The coaches received tasks which were solvable in various ways and levels. The coaches were also working with the players both at the training and also coaching them in the camp tournament. 

Activities during the camp

The daily trainings introduced, developed and challenged the players in the technical, tactical and moving parts of the games. In addition to the trainings, players were put into 4 different teams with 2 players from each country in each team. These teams were competing all through the camp in different social competitions such as football, quizzes, fishing, entertainment, team matches etc.  

Training goals and program

The two main goals for the trainings were both to address the general aspects of badminton and also to go into depth with particular areas. With a group of players at different levels the training was set up so everyone trained with the same overall subject but with different focuses. We also put a lot of time into talking about individual training. This emphasizes the importance of players to be responsible for their own trainings and not be spoon fed. They were explained to the importance of playing an active part in their own training and development.  Some of the training program were listed as below:

• Grip change exercises 
• Single defense
• Shots under pressure from the rear court
• Attacking technique and shots in singles and doubles
• Service situations in doubles
• Individual training

Coach meetings 

The different goals were for coaches to meet and share knowledge with each other and to hear about the different training methods from different countries. The meetings were a mix of talking and debating about training methods, techniques and skills. On top of that, the coaches also had a great discussion after watching, analyzing and editing a match at international top-level. The subjects discussed were:

• Game analysis 
• Good training program
• Good coaching communication styles
• Techniques, tactics and movements 
• Discussion on the Danish system

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