The Very First for Georgia
Date: 9/1/2015 10:35 AM
Published by : Tania Teoh
The Georgia Badminton Federation organized their first Regional Project with the main goal of developing the existing badminton skills and sharing knowledge between the participating countries. The project was participated by Armenia and Georgia as Azerbaijan could unfortunately not take part due to some unforeseen circumstances. The one week project started on 13 July with 19 players and 3 coaches.

Both neighboring countries conducted joint trainings with the players and coaches to share mutual experiences. One of the highlights of the trainings was the video reviewing exercise. The players found this exercise very useful and the coaches were also glad that this exercise was included. This exercise appeared beneficial to all parties. To observe and to try the appropriate techniques from the videos raised the technical and tactical level of the players.

All in all the trainings went well and all the participants gave very positive feedbacks. The enthusiastic players were very motivated and keen on practicing to develop their technical skills and to improve their physical condition, making them easy to work with. Apart from the on court trainings, all the participants did some physical trainings outdoor as well.

During their free time, the participants had the opportunity to visit several cultural and historical heritage sights of Georgia. At the end of the Regional Project, participants headed home with new knowledge, experiences and friends.

On the completion of the Regional Project, the organizer stated, ´All the participants are grateful to be able to take part in the Regional Project and the Georgia Badminton Federation is grateful for the financial support of the project from Badminton Europe. This project has a lot of potential in Georgia and we believe that such similar development activities will benefit a lot of grass root level players in Georgia and our neighboring countries´. 

Quotes from the coaches:

Armenia coach- Eleonora Mesropian

"I want to thank Badminton Europe and the host country-Georgia, which welcomed us and used all effort to ensure that our children are in good hands and guided them through the event. We are very satisfied with the time spent together and all was used in a very efficient way. We will be happy to come again on the similar event and we hope in the future the similar projects with our neighbors will be repeated. We already discussed the project plan for the future, where we will invite other countries with more experienced teams. All the neighboring countries are in need for such friendship and development events!"

Georgia coach- Svetlana Vartanian

"Thank you for such a good project. The coaches and players shared their experiences with each other, which led to positive results. Teams received good memories andwe are better prepared for future competition and increased our skills and capacity. The event was very well organized including the physical training. Thanks again for helping us help others!"
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