See You Next Year!
Date: 7/18/2015 10:01 AM
Published by : Tania Teoh
See you next year, BEC Summer School. We shall meet again in 2016! There is an end to everything we started. However the memories created will last for a long, long time. The final full day of the Summer School was still packed with different activities. 

Players were cheering their friends in the Men´s and Women´s Singles finals while coaches went through their assessment process led by Jeroen van Dijk, BEC Manager. Staff coaches were also kept busy as they had to give feedbacks to the coaches on their delivery the past 6 days.

Alvaro Vazquez from Spain took the Men´s Singles title while Mari Ann Karjus from Estonia took the Women´s Singles title of the 2015 Summer School individual tournament. Alvaro beat Julien Carragi (BEL) with the score of 16-21,21-16,21-12 while Mari Ann beat Petra Polanc (SLO) with the score of 21-18,21-16.  The top seeded Women´s Singles, Sarah Sidebotton (SCO) had to pull out of the tournament due to an injury. She was however very positive and congratulated Mari Ann for winning the Women´s Singles title.
Apart from the individual tournament, the assessment of the 22 coaches was completed and 13 passed the BWF Level 2 Coach Education and 9 had to re-do this course the next time Badminton Europe organizes the same course. Well done to those who passed and for those who did not, try again!

For the last evening in Podcetrtek, all the participants had a closing evening with more good food and great companion. Bags were packed and farewells were said. It is tough to leave when everyone had such a tremendous week together in Podcetrtek. 

´It is wonderful to see how these young players blossom in just one week. They were shying away from the camera the first 2 days of the Summer School and now, they start to wave and even show off their tricks to the camera when I start filming. Some of the players gave really good interviews as well and it inspires other kids to take up badminton seriously, ´added Zsófia Horváth, BEC Junior Manager who is the person behind the camera the whole week.  With the co-operation of Matevž Šrekl, the General Secretary of the Slovenian Badminton Federation, they made sure that the Summer School was run and delivered smoothly.

Today is the last day of the Summer School and participants are already leaving the venue. On the conclusion of the Summer School, BEC Director, Jean-Marc Serfaty said ´Thank you to all that made this Summer School a success and for a great organization. We hope that the Summer School will go on and more countries will get involved in the future´. 

Until next year, Hvala , Podčetrtek and thank you, Slovenian Badminton Federation for the great co-operation!

See the impressions of Day 7 and memories from the whole week here:

The results of the individual tournament

Boys’ singles: 
1. Alvaro Vazquez (ESP) 
2. Julien Carragi (BEL) 
3. Oliver Lee Nowak (DEN) 

Girls’ singles: 
1. Mari Ann Karjus (EST)
2. Petra Polanc (SLO) 
3. Hannaliina Piho (EST) 

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