The Meerkats - Champion of the Team Event
Date: 7/17/2015 6:35 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
The Meerkats, led by staff coach Mike Woodward (ENG) top the 2015 BEC Summer School relay team event yesterday with a score of 105-99 against runner-up, team Tom and Jerry.

The relay team event started on Sunday, 12 July on the second day of the Summer School with 8 teams and continued during the week. The Meerkats beat Rob´s Renegades, Bulls and Tom and Jerry to emerge as the champion of the 34th edition of the BEC Summer School. The winners received exclusive Yonex Badminton Europe´s t-shirts and a dozen of Yonex shuttlecocks each.

Staff coaches’ session kicked starts the 6th day followed by coaches delivery in the afternoon. It is one of the more intense days here in Podcetrtek for the coaches as they have individual tasks and have to show that they master the areas where they made mistakes before. All the coaches were asked to make an annual plan and answer questions regarding the five performance factors which they learnt during the week. The assessment panel will go through these documents and then decide if the coaches pass or have to re-do them. The knowledge and information they learnt the past 5 days were put to good use. 

So far, the Summer School has been going relatively smooth and all the participants are making the best out of the final 2 days before they leave home tomorrow (Saturday). It is however very unfortunate for coach Roman Zirnwald (AUT) that he injured himself during the Summer School. 

“It was the first afternoon after very busy days that we went to the aqua park to relax a bit. I wanted to race on one of the slides, but as I started going in, I hit my head in the edge of the slide on the top. As I was sliding down I recognized that there was already a strong blood stream. I splashed into the water, andas I was going out the first aid was there to help me in a few seconds. It felt like the whole park was surrounding me, but thankfully my colleagues were helping me! It took about 90 minutes to get to the hospital, and then another 2 hours until I got my stitches. But in the end I got back just on time to cheer for the coaches’ team at the football game. I am back on my feet now and concentrating on the Coach Education. With a little more preparation, I am ready for the final coach assessment.” explained Roman on his experience.

Today is the last full day of the 2015 BEC Summer School and activities that are taking place are the Men´s and Women´s Singles tournament finals, the final assessment of the coaches and last but not least a closing dinner with all the participants.

See the video of the impressions of Day 6 here:

The full results of the teams and the players.

Champion: The Meerkats – Mike (coach), Petra, Hannaliina, Sara. S, Simon, Mark, Ian
Runner-Up: Tom and Jerry – Tom (coach), Maureen, Mari Ann, Sara.P, Julien, Yan, Peter
1st Runner-Up: Bulls – Vlada (coach), Anna, Ulfheidur, Marcus, Jose Maria, Vojtech
2nd Runner-Up: Bob and the Hunters – Jakob (coach), Kristin, Anne-Marie, Brian, David, Oliver Lee
3rd Runner-Up: Rob´s Renegades - Rob (coach), Andrew, Sabrina, Natalia, Kilian, Scott.W
4th Runner-Up: Hot Shot Hitters – Helen (coach), Kama, Vlada, Sara.S, Karl, Jose, Alvaro
5th Runner-Up: The Tigers – Indra (coach), Scott.O, Lara, Ilie, Simon Orri, Ciar
6th Runner-Up: Team Z- Zsofia (coach), Serena Au, Yaiza, Taja, Johannes Orri, Kristinn Breki,Gasper

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