Coaching the Coaches
Date: 7/14/2015 3:46 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
Do you remember the very first time you held a badminton racket? Who taught you to hit your first shot? Yes, all badminton players have had at least one coach in their badminton experience. Be it your dad, your neighbor or your school teacher. 

We have 24 motivated coaches and 7 dedicated staff coaches at the 2015 BEC Summer School sharing their experience and transferring knowledge to each other. While getting ready for the full day training on Monday, Badminton Europe had the opportunity to celebrate its staff coach, Tom Causer´s (ENG) birthday yesterday together with all the other participants in the morning.

The participants sang him a birthday song before the start of the training sessions. “My normal birthday experience is waking up at home and being given nice presents by my friends and family. This is then followed by a nice dinner in our favorite restaurant. Today in Podcetrtek this was not possible, but Badminton Europe made me feel at home and I was also presented with a gift in front of all the players, coaches and staff coaches. Thank you Zsófia and Jeroen!“ from the surprised birthday boy, Tom. When the mini celebration was over, all the participants went back to business. 

During the Summer School, the coaches are guided by the staff coaches in the theory and practical sessions. The BWF Level 2 Coach Education course is run based on the syllabus of the BWF Coaches´ Manual. Since Sunday, they have been learning about coaches´ philosophy, the role of a coach, the human anatomy et cetera. 

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Robert Wetherell (ENG), about the Coach Education: “We are now into the third day of this year´s’ BEC Summer School. The players have been put through their paces with a number of training sessions and the start of a team tournament. Overall the Coach Education has a wide range of opportunities for the coaches to develop. It has been very well planned by Jeroen with the input by other staff coaches to give the coaches the best experience where possible. Today there will be no rest for the coaches. They have had to plan sessions and deliver to the players. They will also have practical workshops based around movement skills and physical education. I personally have been very impressed with the outlook and professionalism shown by all of the coaches in their endeavor to improve themselves whist they are here.” added the staff coach. 

While the players were allowed to relax in the hot pool after a busy day filled with multiple trainings planned by a few staff coaches, the coaches continued working in the classroom. Lesson plans and theory questions were among the main topics being discussed in the evening. Even though the days are long, the coaches are still very determined in delivering their tasks. Positive vibes were felt among the participants and the team cohesion in Podcetrtek is improving day by day. 

Watch the video of the 2015 BEC Summer School #BECSS15 Day 3

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