Time to say goodbye
Date: 7/28/2014 1:30 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
Friday was the final day of the 2014 BEC Summer School. It was a very intense and very productive week where both the players and the coaches were working at their best level. Following the BEC Summer School’s tradition, the Staff Coaches organized a tournament for the players in the singles events.

The results of the tournament

Boys’ singles:
1. Steven Stallwood (ENG)
2. Callum Hemming (ENG)
3. Mattias Sønderskov (LUX)

Girls’ singles:
1. Lizzie Tolman (ENG)
2. Maria Delcheva (BUL)
3. Andra Olariu (ROU)

Marlies Baan (NED) – player “I really enjoyed the BEC Summer School. It took a few days for all of us to get to know each other, but after the second day we became a great team. We were spending every evening together enjoying our free time. We had access to all areas of the sports hall, we spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and on the trampolines. I had great time here, I made new friends and I would definitely come again next year.”

Julien Carraggi (BEL) – player “I learned a lot of new things during the past week. Every coach gave me different feedbacks on what shall I improve. I was mainly working with Mirjana, Birger and Dylan (coaches from the Coach Education), which I really enjoyed. The practices with the staff coaches were much more intense and more physical, but I liked that as well. When we had a chance, we were spending the evenings playing table tennis or going to the swimming pool. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and the videos of each day on facebook and youtue. When I go home, I will look them up again to remember the great time we’ve spent here.”

Elias Bracke (BEL) – player: “We had great trainings during the whole week, very tiring but very effective. I think it’s great to work with a variation of coaches, this way you receive a lot of different feedbacks, which will help you to improve a lot quicker. My favorite day was when we travelled to the lake, we had a great time there, with very nice weather and it was so nice to have a relaxing day after the hard practices. I also enjoyed the players vs. coaches football game, where the players were obviously the better team. I am sure the coaches were cheating, that can be the only reason for their victory. Hopefully next year the player will break the tradition with winning the game for the first time!”

"It was a stressful day for the coaches, who had their Coach Education Level 1 exam. “Summer School is the hardest and best badminton experience you can have. We received so much information during the week. In the end every moment you think about badminton, even when you dream. Thanks for the great time!” says Dylan Lewis (ENG) – coach.

Desmond Tan (SIG) – staff coach “I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a great experience for the players, coaches and also the organizers. I believe everyone learned many things and had many take backs. I must add that this Summer School is an excellent program that brings players together and also provides so many sparring opportunities for the players. This cannot be found in any competition. I hope that I can return again next year.“

The 2014 BEC Summer School ended with a great Karaoke party, where not only the players but even a few of the Coaches and the Staff Coaches gave rendition of their favorite songs.

The 2014 BEC Summer School had a great atmosphere, which proved not only to provide the social interaction between the players and coaches, but also sharpen their skills on the badminton court.

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