Stretching to the limit
Date: 7/25/2014 10:34 AM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
Thursday morning at the 2014 BEC Summer School started with a technical session, where the main focus was on net shots and on  technique for the rear-court.

“During the first session I worked with Desmond, the Staff Coach from Singapore. It is new to me to train with an Asian coach but I really like it, as he has a totally different style than what I am used to. He always gives clear explanations. Today we had multi shuttle exercises to practice on the net shots.  First we only had simple backhand and forehand net shots, but then we went further, practicing net kill. I still have to improve a lot, but I really enjoyed the training because I like to attack during my game.“ says Matthew Abela (MLT) – player.

While the players were working on court, the coaches were shadowing the staff coaches, who were giving them feedback after the end of the session.

“This is the third day that we’re evaluating the coaches who are taking part of the Level 1 Coach Education course here in Vejen. I can say there are signs of progressions being made. There is a variation of experiences within the group, which adds to their learning. I wish them a successful final assessment tomorrow,” says Robert Wetherell (ENG) – staff coach.

The other half of the group had a stretching and core strength training with Nathalie (staff coach): “Today’s morning session was focusing on flexibility and core stability. Both are very important for playing badminton. We’ve planned it as an active rest so the players can have a less intense but very beneficial training. It prevents injuries, gives you more power and it helps to develop technique,” says Nathalie Mulders (NED) Staff Coach.

“We had a nice morning session with Nathalie. It was a combination of relaxing stretching and strength training. It was the first time that I used a Swiss ball during strength training. Honestly, I found it a bit funny at first, but it was harder than I expected. I think I should use a Swiss ball more often during my own practices. The exercises felt to be more effective this way.“ says Ben Rausch (LUX) – player.

This afternoon was the fourth time that the coaches delivered a training session for the players:

“The Coach Education is a perfect opportunity to put my badminton coaching into a good framework and get updated in technical and tactical sense, as well as being able to work with experienced Staff Coaches. I am glad to bring the knowledge home to my country and pass it on to aspiring players as well as coaches,“ says Marius Slaustas (LTU) – coach.

In the main hall the players were practicing 2 vs. 1 and played some double games at the end of the training. They could choose a free activity for the evening, where most of them decided to go to the swimming pool. The coaches had much more pressure as they started to prepare their Coach Education Level 1 exam tomorrow, the final day of the 2014 BEC Summer School.

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