Hard work and big fun
Date: 7/23/2014 11:07 AM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
After two days of hard practice, the Staff Coaches planned a less intensive programme for the players on Tuesday, the 4th Day of the 2014 BEC Summer School. The main focus was on the technical elements during both sessions, while in the evening the Coach Education participants were delivering lessons to the players.

We asked players, coaches and Staff Coaches about their impressions of the 2014 BEC Summer School:

Alvaro Vazquez (ESP) – player: “I came to the 2014 BEC Summer School with 3 other Spanish players. Even though I had an injury during my last practice in S pain, I was really excited to arrive in Vejen and meet all the participants from different countries. Unfortunately because of my injury I can’t take part of all the practices 100%, but I still enjoy to be here and I learn various skills from the different Staff Coaches I train with day after day. I think it’s a great to have a BEC Summer School, where so many players and coaches can take part.”

Maria Delcheva (BUL) – player: “I’ve already learnt a lot of new things here that no one in Bulgaria taught me before. The coaches are all very nice and friendly, you can ask any kind of questions from them, they will have an answer for you and they are always happy to help. I really enjoyed to practice with Nathalie from the Netherlands (Staff Coach) she was giving me great advice.“

Olga Miksza (POL) – player: “I really like the fact that a lot of players from different countries are attending the BEC Summer School. This gives you the opportunity to play matches with players you’ve never played before. I didn’t meet any of the players previously, but I’ve already made a lot of friends during the past three days. The practices are harder and more intense than in Poland. My favorite session was the backhand training with Rob (Staff Coach). He is really friendly and gave me a lot of advices on how to improve my backhand shots.”

Sara Staskova (SVK) – player: “It is the first time that I attend the BEC Summer School, and it’s a great experience. Today, after lunch every participant (players, coaches, staff coaches) received a t-shirt from Badminton Europe, I was really happy with that. I like th e style of it and it’s really good to see everybody wearing it. What I enjoyed the most during the first 4 days, was the players vs. coaches football game, where only for a few minutes, but I also had the chance to step on the field. I think it’s a great idea to organize other activities next to badminton. This brings us together as a group and gives a better chance for us to become friends.”

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Vlada Cheriavskaya (BLR) – staff coach: “It is my 7th time as a staff coach in a BEC Summer School. The Summer School is always a combination of hard work, big fun and very friendly atmosphere. This year most of the time we work with small groups of players, this way they have the opportunity to get different input from the different staff coaches.“

Rainer Latupeirissa (FRO) – coach: “I think to organize the Coach Education course during the BEC Summer School is a very good idea. I am very happy to work together with 23 coaches from 12 different countries. It is a great learning experience. There is a great atmosphere in the hall, we get to work with high quality staff coaches course leader.”

Frederik Horn (DEN) – coach: “What I enjoy the most in the BEC Summer School is that we get to work with really high level top coaches. I find it very inspiring. You also get to work with different aspects of badminton.”

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