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Get to know Mia Blichfeldt
Date: 9/9/2020 3:19 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

In an interview with Mia Blichfeldt, the Danish women’s singles player, we get to know her even better.  

As a professional badminton player, you use a lot of time practising and travelling the world to play tournaments and try to become the best possible player. Mia Blichfeldt has around 12 practice sessions during the week, so there is not a lot of spare time. But when practice or travel is not on the schedule what does she then like to do?

- I like to be creative like painting, baking and cooking food and hanging out with my friends. I think it is important to get out of the “badminton bubble” sometimes, Blichfeldt said. 

- I really enjoy spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend – they give me energy and recharge my batteries so I can perform as good as I can, she continued. 

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If it was not badminton, then what?

When you are playing badminton every day and do it for a living, it can be hard to see yourself doing anything else. We asked Mia if she knew what she would do if she was not playing badminton for a living. 

- That is a difficult question to answer, because I really do not know. Hopefully, I would be doing something that challenges me and makes me happy – like badminton right now, she stated. 

You can find Mia Blichfeldt's YouTube channel here, where you can see her cooking as well as practising. 

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