Bekim Kastrati (right)
Summer school from a coach perspective
Date: 7/10/2019 3:45 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Bekim Kastrati who is one of the coaches on the Level 2 course in Podcetrtek, Slovenia, believes that it is a special experience.

Experience at the course is vital

The 50-year old who was one of the first to bring badminton to Bosnia and Herzegovina really believes that there is only one place to find the coaching.

- This kind of chance comes once in a lifetime. The experience that is acquired so much that it cannot be gained in any other way, Kastrati said.

- Trainers and tutors in this one place with world experiences you cannot be found in any place, but you can find only here.

Kastrati from Bosnia is a coach in his home country where badminton is not really a popular sport and introduced a lot of it to his country, among others.

- I am one of the first trainers who brought badminton to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I work as a trainer with small children up to 15 years of age, he continued.
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