The German crowd applauded the fighting duo, Carla Nelte and Isabel Herttrich (Photo: Sven Heise)
Nelte and Herttrich lost in three-game thriller
Date: 3/8/2018 10:36 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
After a thrilling fight, Carla Nelte and Isabel Herttrich faced the press with smiles after all. They were happy about their performance but it was tough since they actually had the chance to make it further in the tournament.

The first game was close all the way uo until the end. The German women’s doubles pulled away and managed to close the game at 21-17.

- It was a fight. And it was like they started to think about how to change their game and then we just started to fight even more for it, Herttrich said to Badminton Europe shortly after their defeat.

- We tried to move them out of the defense but then it was a little bit too passive and slow. We did manage to fight our way back and make the game close again towards the end, Nelte added about the reason for losing the second game.

Herttrich and Nelte managed to fight their back in the second game, but it was not enough to take the match home; 18-21 and the third and final game turned out to be one of the thrilling kind.

- It was a positive stress
The German crowd was pleased to see their women’s doubles play a match with high intensity and level of entertainment. And it turned out that the crowd’s excitement was a big help for Nelte and her partner.

- Because of the support from the crowd I was not nervous, it was a positive stress, more like ‘it’s close but we can fight and we have the support in our backs’. It was simply a positive feeling, Nelte said about keeping it cool towards the end of the deciding game.

- I think in the first match here, against the European opponents, we showed that we are quite strong, that we can win against them, and, also in this one we performed well. We know what to work on and we are on a good level, and maybe tomorrow we will be happy about it but right now - not so much, Herttrich said about losing the game 24-26.

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