BEC Gender Equity Ambassadors

Gender Equity in badminton constitutes a key subject for BEC and the terms of reference clearly states the main objective to focus on: ''Strengthen and establish the role of women in the European badminton community, encourage the development of female representation in all Member Associations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors in terms of providing new ideas, solutions and inspiration''. 

The Women in Badminton scholarships are one of the projects that aim at achieving this global objective. An overview of the scholarships since 2016 showed that 40 out of the 54 Member Associations applied at least once for one of the 4 categories available, for a total of 109 applications altogether. 

Although women are mostly given an equal opportunity nowadays, they are still less likely to participate in sports or to be given equal opportunities in sports governance. This hot topic is being actively invested, most notably by the International Olympic Committee, whose Gender Equality Review Project produced 25 recommendations to achieve gender equality on and off the field of play, sooner, rather than later.  

The new Gender Equity Ambassadors project is one of the new projects launched in 2020 and aims at actively promoting Gender Equity, thanks to the help of a Team of Ambassadors. 

Their roles would be to: 
  • Be a role model, actively involved in badminton activities; 
  • Engage Member Associations and foster a Gender Equity mindset to all badminton stakeholders;
  • Assist BEC in increasing female participation in badminton across Europe
Further information can be found in the project description below: 
  • Gender Equity Ambassadors project description 

  • If you wish to apply or nominate an applicant: please send the application form here below to your National Federation. 

  • Application form for the BEC GEA project

    • For more information about the Gender Equity Ambassadors project - please contact Justine Cammal, BEC Development and High-Performance Officer at